Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy World Vegetarian Day

Today we're off to the Wellington Vegetarian Lifestyle and Food Festival with our friend and his daughter. Our friend looks after the @veganjunkfoodaddict tweet (although he would probably say the bear runs it).

Last night was Toki's school disco, which was fun. There was a supper and Toki and I baked some blueberry and chocolate muffins. Now, wholemeal vegan blueberry muffins seem like exactly the wrong thing to take to the school disco supper but we put them in cupcake cases, sprinkled them with icing sugar and Toki decorated the plate with some pansies she's been growing and they were all eaten. We also made some Hockey Pokey biscuits which we adapted from an Edmonds Cook Book recipe. They're super-fast but also have quite a bit of margarine and sugar in them - still, the school disco is only once a year. We decorated the biscuits with banana chips and mandarins.

I generally take too much to shared food things figuring there won't be any vegan food there, and sometimes I'm right, but more and more there is heaps for us to eat. Last night there was: sushi, roast chickpeas, popcorn, humus and vegies, potato chips and hot chips from our local Chippie (Aro Fish and Chips) who cook in canola oil.

It was a great night. The kids danced and danced under the disco lights and then some of the families went next door to the pre-school playground and the kids played. Daylight savings has been rough in the mornings but the evenings have been awesome.

Okay, I'll try and post some photos from the festival later. I've been looking at some posts from some of the big vegan get-togethers in the States lately and just loving seeing so many vegans. We are a pretty small community in Aotearoa and, generally, when we party, we party under the vegetarian banner. It makes for some lively debate, which I like because it keeps me challenging what I'm doing and re-committing to it.

Breakfast: Juice (Spinach, Carrot, Apple, Ginger, Celery) and some cashew nuts
Second breakfast: Fruit, Almond oil and Yogurt.

Toki isn't up yet but usually Saturday is pancake day.

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  1. Gosh, that juice sounds great, as does the disco. Are you going to post your recipes as well? It would help us vegetarians who like to take vegan friendly food to gatherings. Hockey Pokey biscuits sound great.