Thursday, October 20, 2011


On Sunday we had a great day at a friends 6th birthday party. It was a really sunny day. One of those ones that reaches into the evening and makes me want to stay out. By the time we looked at the time it was nearly six o'clock so we decided to go into town for dinner. Toki's favourite place to go for dinner is Midnight Espresso a cafe on Cuba Street. She really likes the cakes and other sweet things they do. We also like Midnight Espresso. Recently I was asked to talk about my favourite place to eat in Wellington and I chose Midnight. It was pretty exciting for me to talk about veganism but also a bit scary. Everytime I say I'm vegan I instantly question 'how vegan?' - has any leather snuck into my wardrobe, did I read that last label right, did the restaurant think 'vegan-enough' when the recommended what I should eat. And the prospect of saying I'm vegan in a semi-public way was really scary. It is always scary to stand up and say, I believe in this. I guess what I aim for is trying my best.

Anyway, we went to Midnight and ordered some nachos. They make the best vegan nachos I've tasted in Wellington: beans, humus, aioli, olives, whole jalepenos and salsa. Mmmmmm. Toki was pretty tired by the time we got there and she had eaten quite a few vegan cupcakes so a peaceful sitting down dinner looked less and less likely - she finds Midnight really exciting, there is pinball and space invaders and loud music. So we asked if we could take our nachos over to the playground outside the architecture school. The playground is relatively new but it is fantastic. There is also a basketball hoop which gets heaps of use from students coming out for some fresh air and a run around. I love the way the architecture school, which also trains town-planners and landscapers has such a great area outside it. Architecture and design students work really hard and the space is such a great place for them to come mid-assignment. Three students arrived while we were having dinner and began to play basketball. Toki really wanted to play with them but didn't quite have the bottle to go and ask. Brent and I were nervous to ask as well. We laughed about how we kept saying to her, 'Just go and ask them, they'll be happy to let you play,' but both of us were a bit nervous to ask. Finally, Brent went over and asked and of course they were thrilled to give Toki a couple of shots. Boy, it was a nice night. It reminded me that summer will come, and maybe it be perfect weather but there will be some nice days and eating outside rocks.

My friend Helen Lehndorf said I could use some of her Flickr images and I chose these ones because they are from her garden and sometimes when it is cold and wet I look at them because they look so bright and sunny. Helen is an amazing photographer. Thanks Helen!

Images Creative Commons licensed by Flickr user stripy sock studio

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