Monday, October 10, 2011

Sunday Lunch

My favourite meal of the week is Sunday lunch. On Sunday B and T go to the markets which are held in a parking lot about ten minutes walk form our house (on the corner of Vivian and Victoria Streets). I think most of the fruit and vegetables come from up the line and there is always heaps of delicious stuff there.

There are two markets in central Wellington on a Sunday and on Saturday morning there is one in Newtown, about half and hours walk from town, and another in Thorndon, which is about twenty minutes walk from where we live. I also understand there are similar markets in Poritua, the Hutt and Kapiti Coast. We are so luck!

We eat heaps of fruit and vegetables. I have juice every morning then fruit. Toki usually has a couple of pieces of fruit before she goes to school and in her lunch box she usually has fruit or maybe a carrot or some broccoli. For lunch I have a salad and we often have one cooked starchy vegetable (potatoes, pumpkin, kumara) for dinner and another salad. For dinner we also have dahl, and usually in the dahl there is eggplant and spinach and some other vegetable. Then Toki usually has a piece of fruit while we read her stories.

The market is the cheapest way for us to buy our food but also the produce is really fresh. The market has a great atmosphere, we often bump into people we know there. Toki has been going since she was a baby in a front-pack and some of the stall-owners know her by name. As well as out fruit and veg we get locally made tofu there, which is yum. Toki likes to shop at the market and often Brent gives her some cash and she chooses some of her own fruit and veggies. She likes trying new stuff and often comes home with things I've never seen before. Thank you Google! People often say veganism must really lack variety but it astounds me that after a long time I am still finding new vegetable and fruit and new ways of cooking the ones I already knew about.

Sunday lunch yesterday was; marinated and grilled tofu, an astounding salad, avocados, tomatoes, bread made by Brent, sunshine and a discussion about a tree house.

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