Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wellington Vegetarian Lifestyle and Food Festival

We had a great day! The food was great, the company was great - yay!

All my vegetarian life there has been the Hare Krishna's. They are such great friends to the herbivore. Today all the prashadum was vegan which was great. The feast plate was Chole Chana, crisp fresh salad, rice, papadum and halva. There was also a really delicious looking focaccia stuffed with pumpkin and sundried tomatoes and topped with a green pesto - I'm really keen to have a go at this. I'll experiment and let you know if I end up with a recipe that works. Also available on the Krishna Food stalls were samosas, pies, chapati, kachoris, vada and heaps more. Hare bol!

There was some other yum food at the festival too: baking, juices, a vegan sausage sizzle, vegan ice creams in cones, sandwiches and other yum stuff.

There were also lots of information stands run by some hard working people. Animal Freedom Aotearoa were there. Toki was mighty impressed with their chicken rescuing skills and really likes the 'Vegan' badge she got from their stands.

Also, the Vegan Society had new banners and cupcakes. The Vegan Society has some great resources and information is you're interested in veganism.

While I'm linking away like this, I wanted to just put in a plug for the Christchurch Vegetarian Centre. There is a bit of a joke among New Zealand vegans about how hardcore Christchurch vegans are and I reckon the CVC's website shows how organised the Christchurch communities are.

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