Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hungry Hungry Sunday

Mang, was I hungry this morning! We had book group last night so I kind of ate snacks for dinner. Baha. Whoops. I woke up feeling pretty energetic but after I did yoga and had a shower I was really hungry. It was quite a nice feeling because along with the hunger came a really clear idea of what I wanted - protein! Teehee.

I usually have porridge for breakfast or a smoothie and some fruit but this morning I really wanted something savory and yeah, bursting with protein. So I put some toast in the toaster, got myself a cup of peppermint and lemon tea and started mashing tofu. Here's the recipe. Its adapted from a vegan omelet recipe in How it all Vegan. It's kind of a cheaty, lazy version of it, but it works great for me for breakfast or lunch or even dinner.

SCRAMBLED TOFU (This is for one person, but you can scale it up, sometimes I do a whole packet of tofu this way)

1/2 cup of tofu (I use medium to firm tofu, I don't think this would work with silken tofu)
About 1 teaspoon of Braggs (people often complain to me about Braggs in vegan cooking, it's a pretty overwhelming taste and I rely on it HEAPS, but I haven't really found a good alternative for it in this recipe)
1/2 teaspoon of turmeric
As much parsley as Newtonian physics will allow me to cram into the tofu (Parsley has iron and is yum).
I've been known to add other things, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, even really finely chopped up broccoli.

I place the tofu in a bowl and mash it up, I use a potato masher if we have company but my hands if it's just for me and no one is watching. The whole hand-squishing tofu thing is very big with Toki, actually this is one of her favourite ways to eat tofu, her other favourite way is raw from the container - yikers.

When it's squished sufficiently, I add the other ingredient and mix them in, it doesn't have to be too well mixed.

I heat about a teaspoon of olive oil in a fry pan, I use a little one, then when the oil is hot I put the tofu in the fry pan and cook it just to heat it through. The tofu can stick a bit, I don't have any solution for this sorry, except keeping it moving, lowering the heat.

I ate it with toast spread with tahini. I love tahini.

I have two links before I go:

First, this is Isa Chandra's PPK omelet recipe which looks amazing. Isa Chandra is kind of my vegan warrior hero. Post Punk Kitchen is the best.
Second, this is an amazing recipe for apple butter from Oh She Glows that my friend Jo left yesterday on the blog after I asked about apple recipes.. Thanks so much Jo, this looks yum!


  1. Tofu scramble is the biz. I must try that "how much parsley can I get in?" game next time I make it - I love parsley! And apple butter... Drooling.